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Below are some testimonials from recent happy clients:

I was introduced to Debra when I was looking for additional staff support. Our staff often work with clients who have experienced trauma, significant hardship and complex situations, and who can benefit from additional supervision and development. Debra is now an integral part of our organisational approach to staff wellbeing and development. She works effectively with individuals and teams, from debriefing, mediation and counselling through to reflective practice, communication and improving team processes. She is flexible, insightful, professional and highly skilled. I would strongly recommend her to any community organisation.

Alex Haynes
Whittlesea Community Connections
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I recently took on a research management role after having worked as an independent researcher for the past 10 years. People management was new to me and completely outside my area of expertise (and comfort zone!). I decided I needed a mentor/coach that could support me to think through issues and provide advice on ways I could respond. Debra was exactly the right kind of mentor/coach for me. She let me do a lot of the talking and guided me with gentle prompts and wise questions that allowed me to see things from a different perspective. She helped me realise the problems I was facing were very common and was able to draw on her years of experience to identify the broader phenomenon at play. Her insight enabled me, in just a few sessions, to develop a greater confidence in my management abilities and taught me some useful 'rules of thumb' to apply in the future. I can't recommend her highly enough. 

Dr. Andrea Babon
Senior Research Fellow
La Trobe University
Jade Nicholson
Hoops, Thighs & Buttocks

Debra is my business mentor and over the past year she has helped me greatly with a number of requirements for my businesses. From recruitment to planning and business development, Debra has been such a valuable resource. She's also helped me problem-solve a couple of sticky situations and, as any business owner knows, these happen!  Every small business owner, working alone, needs a mentor. We don't have all the skills, knowledge or time we need to run a business effectively all alone, so it's better to focus on what we're good at and get an expert to help us with everything else. I highly recommend Debra as this expert: she has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to running businesses of all sizes, and she's an absolute pleasure to work with. 

I was quite self-conscious at first... but Debra guided me until the vision of what I was trying to achieve started to unfold and I was able to run with it. Debra is a gentle yet powerful mentor and - months later - I am still benefitting from that first step of transformation.

Estelle O'Callaghan
Solutions for Public Policy
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